Rules & Regulations


  1. Uniform is compulsary and must be stiched in decent manner. The uniform must be stiched as per the pattern shown. Color is displayed on the notice board.
  2. Students must be present in the school premises 10 min before the commensement of the classes
  3. Conduct of student in the class and school premises shall be such that it will cause no disturbance to fellow students or to the other classes.Running,playing,shouting inside/outside the school building is not allowed. Student must not loiter in the school premises or outside the school premises while the classes are in progress.
  4. Disciplinary action will be taken against the student found misbehaving in the school premises or outside the school premises.any observed or reported obectionable conduct outside the school on the part of the student shall make him /her liable for disciplinary action .
  5. Any act of misuse or damage of school property is liable for penalty and recovery from the concerned student and parents .
  6. The student should attend each and every subject he or she has offered.if student remain absent for any of the lecture he /she will be marked absent for the rest of the day. Incase a student remains absent due to unavoidable circumstances and reasons,then he /she should submit a LEAVE /ABSENT note from the parent /guardian to the class TEACHERS on the day of resume.(refer to the absentee report coloum in prospectus)
  7. The student must not attend any classes or enter other classes other than prescribed for them without the permission from the authority.
  8. If student is found to be absent for more than 3 days without obtaining the necessary permission from the school authority,the matter will be taken very seriously and will be dealt in accordance with the rules of the school
  9. No student should depart from the school premises / lecture /practical prior to the school working hours unless it has been notified to them by the principal or the concerned teacher.incase a student has to depart from the school during school working hours /lectures / practical,early departure time and the reason for early departure should be entered in the early departure coloumn of prospectus and get it duly signed by the concerned and parent.
  10. Complete silence is expected in the school library.
  11. Students should participate in sports , field trips ,examinations ,camps and any other co-curricular activities whenever organised .
  12. Smoking , Chewing tobacco , Gutkha and such other products is strictly prohibited in the school premises and outside the school premises .
  13. Students should strictly abide by the rules and regulations framed from time to time by the principal .
  14. No special funds shall be collected on behalf of school or any association without obtaining written permission from the principal to do so .
  15. Ragging in any form inside the institution is strictly prohibited
  16. Damage caused to furniture , fixtures and other things in the class room will be the joint responsibility of the entire class
  17. Students responsibile for instigating other students to boycott the classes are liable to be suspended from the school .
  18. Parents /Guardian or visitors will noy be allowed to meet their children/ward during the school hours . So also contacting any of the teachers during the lecture hour is not allowed . Proir permission from the principal is to be obtained in genuine cases . However a student can seek prior appointment with the teacher or principal , when he/she or his/her parent/guardian wants to meet the teacher . Under no circumstances a student will be allowed to go home with a stranger or a person not having a written note from the parents .
  19. No visitors are allowed to go to the class room directly . Students will be called in the office .
  20. Any outstanding achievements at the school level , taluka level , state level , national level or international level compititions will be recorded in the students appreciation coumn provided while any misbehaviour , improperly worn school uniform , imprope hair style , will be recorded in the remarks column provided in prospectus .
  21. Any student who wishes to participate in the sports organised by private agencies/sports clubs should take prior permission from the principal well in advance .
  22. If for any reason , in the opinion of the principal , which shall be final , the continuence of a student in the school is detrimental to the best interest of the school , the necessary acton will be taken by the principal . THE DECISION OF THE PRINCIPAL IN ALL MATTERS RELATING TO THE SCHOOL SHALL BE FINAL AND CONCLUSIVE .


  • Bringing any two/ four wheeler without valid permanent licence is prohibited as per the insructions of the Dept. Of Education , Govt . Of Goa Porvorim .
  • Do not ride two wheeler in rash and negligent manner as life is precious .